Fox decided to sit in the director’s chair this time alayna


Recently, most of the singer listening to all the parts of our country, which has become Fox Sports, he has decided to be the Director this time. In the month of last March the age of 18, the young singer clip, the new clip will be in Turkey underlines that the best that can be followed. Song with the clip sitting in the director’s chair for the first time, Fox Sports, in earlier statements, said he thought it was greater than maybe other branches of directing the sequel.

Alayna, Fox decided to become a director

Aleyna Tilki bu kez yönetmenlik koltuğuna oturmaya karar verdi

The young singer has millions of followers in excess of the limits of Turkey at the moment. This news Instagram through stories which Fox Sports, the new song is the name of Chichewa Alone as said. In the country music business despite his young age, which holds a great share in such a short time Sunday Fox Sports, in the later periods, thanks to the English songs he mentioned that could open to the world market.

With each passing day the number of followers raising, Fox Sports, already for 18 years after that, it is curious that how to work will sign. Finally, it is not yet clear when the clip will be published. Let’s see the new clip of Fox Sports, will be able to satisfy their followers?