Four Passengers: From The North – Chapter 3: New Friends


Four passengers with the horses when they came, they saw the soldiers waiting for them. Five horses waiting for them. Four passengers, supplies, and Travel Items that you may need. He didn’t need to speak. All they had to do was mahmuzlamak the horses. Way average it would take ten days if all goes well. To lose every second, they threw to their death, because every moment will be a step they should take advantage of. On each horse rode. Zenit he didn’t understand anything yet. Even songs with a cheerful attitude she was saying. ‘Voodoo, I’m going to see the dragon. Voodoo, I’ll kill him…’. Portable began to get irritated, his eyes glaring, zenti LED. But the Dragon is their only chance to defend against this group if there would be a need for each one. For this reason, we decided not to do anything for the moment.

They were ready. Needed to get on the road. Still didn’t make a noise. If he disrupts the silence, it was inter: ‘I think the only one who knows the way, I have to comment. We will reach primarily through the gum tree spiral. I have some friends there who can help us. Then I get to go to the valley of the roaring lion and pick up some herbs. Finally, we will arrive in the foothills of the mountain and Alanya torman to pass through the swamp. If things go our way and we get there, I’ll tell you the rest there’. ‘Are you planning on how to kill the dragon?’ he asked Portable. ‘I haven’t the slightest idea.’ he said Tainster. When I say it out of his pocket handed it to the costume bag inner bartale. Don’t understand what happened the knight who took the bag and looked inside. Can’t believe your eyes. Short tail in a daze ‘they are the pieces of my broken sword. How did you get it? ” he said. The magician at the first time to respond, eyes still continued to sing the songs zenti returned. After a while, ‘well, the old thief, more intelligent and brave than we thought,’ he said.

The most simple way was to cross the spiral path. Because is covered with trees around, a murderer, a thief and a fugitive hideout. Of course, that wasn’t the problem. Quite a few deal with was the last thing to worry about. Where the forest is everywhere was identical. Not sure you should follow the signs correctly to get lost, the sun continuously while on the road they would have taken the hill. Not necessarily because the forest is quite large they had to set up camp for a night in the open.

On arrival in a spiral path on where to hire out into the full sun, it was midday. Both gave the Group a break for a rest and something to eat by the river. They haven’t spoken too much this time. It’s especially portable. The group hated it. Don’t see them yourself, both the king and Queen he’d curse. Are not met until now with no problem, then did not have the same meaning that the road will continue with ease. For this reason, their attention all the way through were protected. Descended from the horse at the edge of the creek. Giselle, quickly go behind a tree, crouched by downloading his pants. For all the hours he kept himself, but that was about to explode thank God they gave me a full break. After seeing his work a little further he saw in the Red headed for the tree. Although swords and knives, bows and arrows. The branches of the tree bow red could make yourself a nice thickness if you want. Indeed, when he arrived next to the tree, the branches one by one, chose the best one. Like branch off with a gentle motion. Another one of Giselle’s self-esteem nature, especially ormanlara. When his parents died, along with his brother, lived in the woods for years had their fill, they’re hiding. Gave them a chance to live. It simply wasn’t possible. In addition, the branch in the shape you want you came. First, with the knife carved out, pointed the ends of the branches. Then he fastened the ends with the hard yarn is removed from the bag. Yet he couldn’t the pitch he wanted, but wasn’t able to do it quickly. May damage or even break the branches. So, I would continue to bend it a little every day.