Four Passengers: From The North – 2


Young woman lying on the ground’s eyes slowly opened. Was struggling to see because it is pretty dark. A little forced when he saw the iron bars. He was in prison. Place for sleeping on cold stone noticed that he was cold and his arms folded. Immediately the self-control needed. His sword had blades that are stored on it. What the amulet on the neck? If anything, the value was great for him. His hand took her to her neck. They weren’t there. In a moment I had tears in his eyes. Sobbing started crying. Approaching from behind, a hand touched him on the shoulder. Wasn’t too hard to guess who. His fingers were as wrinkled as the old sorcerer could. He couldn’t hold it, was shaking with anger. The sorcerer tenderly wiped the tears off your face. ‘You have to find a way to get us out of here,’ said the sorceress.

– Unfortunately, that’s not really possible. Do you see marks on the walls? They all my strength sucks. I can’t do magic here, I’m small.

– So how do we get out? I have to get both my charm. It’s the only memento of my sister.

– Evaluate current conditions, if we escape, I don’t think it would be hardly possible at this stage. It probably will take precaution for her, but was driven out when we can find a solution to be judged.

Until then, it doesn’t make any difference that he heard a creaking Giselle. There was someone on the dark side of the cell. The woman was approaching slowly towards it and continue to talk with the Witch. Then I was thrown into the shade, pulled out and threw it to the stone floor of the sound source. This was a dwarf. Clothes were torn and filthy, it smelled too. Giselle, before this root, it was the smell of the cell’s own thought. Wasn’t sure how you made such a mistake. The dwarf on the floor, ‘oh, please, Lord, master. Don’t hurt me. I didn’t hurt you.’ she pleaded. Over the magician who stunned asked: ‘how come you never notice it, didn’t I? Why have you been hiding there?’ she said. Actually the answer was hidden in the question. To answer the dwarf when he opened his mouth, silenced him with his hand, and began to speak.

Of course, you are a thief. However, they are so comfortable can be stored. Of course there is an excellent chance that you’re a freak.

– Yes, the Supreme Master. My name is Zenit. In fact I haven’t played anything. I’m just falling in the garden of the Palace I was getting a gold faucet.

Giselle ‘everything became clear.”, and didn’t try to hide the sarcasm in his voice. Armored Knight appeared behind bars during that time. Had short tails. ‘Have met with our thief is so cute. You can insult me, but this is the last day I can guarantee that for you,”, the pride in his eyes was obvious. Giselle, with a wry expression, ‘how will you kill me? With no sword you can’t hurt me,’ he said. ‘Don’t worry. We’re going to burn you. I know how to destroy their stone bodies,’ said the knight.

Suddenly shocked, he was absorbed in thoughts of Giselle. Can it be true? The body that can cut steel with fire, don’t could it be? Immediately his eyes turned to the sorceress. He also dropped down his eyes, ‘now you know’ he said forcibly.

They opened the outer door while it is in these thoughts with a crash, before the section of the cell, two soldiers, and then went to the king. The environment was quiet. The king gave a sharp look toward them. ‘Be advised to have executed without even the need to trial you know, don’t you?’ he asked, authority in his voice, all things which helped me to understand how serious it is. The king went to the bottom of the cell is close to the fence where a little more. Each one examined. Then again, stepping backwards with his back turned towards them. ‘We are getting rid of you and re-return to society a job I can offer”, he didn’t try to hide the excitement in his voice. In an instant, the eyes had returned to the king with rapt attention, but also they were curious. This was the light of hope. They knew it was a condition of accepting whatever the future offers. Turning to the sorcerer King, ‘you saw of inter this day would come?’ he asked. There was dead silence in the environment now. The first word which was Portable. Swallowing forced ‘by Tainster?’ he murmured. The King ” Yes. What did you think?’ he said condescendingly looked at, a short tail, and continued, ‘do you know another Wizard who might have the courage to come this far? The High Priest, the Guardian of the north, Tainster, Tainster the Almighty Lord of time. I knew you’d throw at me, fate finally. That, at the age of five he saw the priests.’ In addition dainter was:

– And the results say?

– Of course. All I know, and I’m not afraid to face death. If it’s a small price to pay for the safety of my people can’t be another idea.

– You’re talking to the principal. However, it is to see that the tongue is forked. No one in their right mind knows that the task will not only your thoughts that you’re giving to us.

– Of course. You know that task a joy for me. Do you want to explain to your friends?