Four Passengers: From The North – 1


Author’s note: my story, he began to publish whatpadd through a while ago, but I couldn’t finish. There is some logic I ended up editing and spelling errors. I’m going to post in sections. There may be spots that showed similarities with the stories of fantasy world. To be honest, I created an important part of this story to get the answers to my dreams. It will be published on a weekly basis. If you have ideas and suggestions, please share with me the message section at the bottom of the post. Pleasant reading.

The world begins when, in order to move from single cell organisms to the reptiles, it took millions of years. It took the dominance of the dinosaurs as well. Their extinction was close to now. Terrible balls of fire colliding with the earth, where no life form on earth He didn’t leave.

No creature of survivors but there was something she hadn’t noticed; Flying reptiles suffered as a result of the mutations that is exposed to radiation. Many of them had been as a result of this. Those who survive were transformed into the creature we know today as the name of a dragon. Ruled the world for thousands of years, and each they got what they wanted. This arrogant power that they have, over time, the foregoing in their conflict, they would fight against each other. Extinct is broken, they expressed the numbers on it started with the earth now. A new race had made their gucsuzlesmes ruler of the earth. But the dragons rise from the people in the world that had become so uncomfortable that people began to destroy and burn all the settlements. They put in terms that the sole purpose of bringing back the glory days. This is where our story begins…

Chapter 1: The Red Cow Inn

The Red Cow Inn, Root Dry Town‘s only recreation site. The town residents, rather than those who make the journey very much welcomed Khan was a patron. Guests usually came a time so it doesn’t have to be groomed, she thought, the owner Portalyus. Some were used out of necessity for lack of another place in the area. Visitors who want to get lost in the middle when you’re usually criminals or fugitives they didn’t even matter that much. The King’s troops had never set foot here unless they are forced. Greeting those who come in to the smell of alcohol was sharp. The smell make it a lot easier to see in the Los environment, although it was a fact which people can withstand. There were always twenty people at tables close to old and broken. One of them was a ten-foot long sitting next to the bar was an old man. Pointing his hand towards the bartender and asked for another beer. Probably was 70 years old. Or so was showing. The image was highly suited to the environment. White hair, he got a beard, his hands, and his face was old and wrinkled because of age. A long robe was on the floor. The edge of the table, standing on scepter, it wasn’t like to miss it too. At the end, not vaguely in ornamental jewellery which was shining. The tables around were empty. People are scared of him, the more distant he chose to sit at a table.

Noise through the door opened with a bright yellow giant armored Knight had missed quite a bit up front of the guests at the inn. Google image eat like any problem, even though she’s not scaring people he was. However, the current cause of peace, fleeing the image of him stemmed from the fact that it wasn’t a soldier and noble. Unfortunately the Red Cow was one of the patrons of the inn. The name of the Portable , although here the tail is Short . This is more useless, it was a nickname given to people that is incompatible. In this way, if you were another Knight, instantly stripped of the title even was driven from the capital. However, the relationship with the queen, was a big obstacle in front of it. King he was going to do it as soon as there’s a deficit. The bar is always out event would have caused great damage every time. Taken or to be taken out of the title was not possible. The knight Portalyus seen, it at least LED right up to the table that could give us a problem. The old man’s desk was right next to it. His hand made a motion that specifies what you want to drink with a short tail. Quickly the bartender the beer, brought some bread and dried meat on the side. The food in the dirtiest way possible, focusing on the people at the table quietly, she was focused on her portable. Sapirdatiyo your mouth, dumping, spreading, burping. Considering the condition of the people in there, it shouldn’t really bother them. Despite this, all in a way that couldn’t take her eyes detests. A dec looked up and looked around. When she noticed his eyes, you can go if you are looking with a high voice,’ he said. He leaned down, eyes suddenly. Elegant woman still standing in the crowd and just continued to look at him so unworthy here. Portalyus had collapsed behind the bar, they might have by guessing. Cursing as silently as possible, he’s covering himself with concerns that could break up the bar again.