Fortnite who came to open their mouths to historical investment for espor


Battle Royale of the side which has become the most preferred game Fortnite, continues to grow with each passing day. Pubg which has already surpassed the number of players in the sense of successful construction, eSpor pressed the button on the side to perform large investments. Directly from Epic Games which will be made by this investment, the largest investment in the history of espor position. Foregoing according to Epic Games executives to fortnite 2018 – 2019 tournament which will take place during the season the full $ 100 million budget allocation decision they took.

Epic Games, fornite espor for the $ 100 million earmarked

This number is the largest number of awards allocated to the tournament, we can assume that certainly just. Other expense in separating espor also money apart from that Epic Games, the phenomenon which has become Fortnitecan earn money in large quantity from. Epic Games also fortnite that pushes in the direction of becoming a great competitive game, let’s see How will you invest more in the coming days? Together we will see. Battle Royale‘s PUBG on the front, for now it’s a big tournament doesn’t know. However, recently PUBG will devote big money to this tournament.