Fortnite was now the new master twitch battle Royale


Millions of players, followed by live broadcasts Twitch the waters are quieting down on the platform. Since the day it opened, which is the most watched game in League of Legends, nowadays the throne Fortnite‘she gave. Publishers can no longer stop and MOBA as the most significant indicator for this battle Royale , the game broadcast is shown. How PUBG, monitoring of League of Legends forces you to go in a pass he couldn’t. However, the influence of the media with Fortnite, find ways to recognize in League of Legends at any time of day.

Fortnite passed twitch the hits League of Legends

On the other hand twitch the owner of Amazon Prime, Twitch, unite together with fortnite may be one of the biggest indications. For those who don’t know, AmazonPrime, which is linked to twitch every month users games-related gifts. Fortnite with Paladin, Hots and Battlerite giving gifts that appeal to millions for games as Twitch Prime, probably more fortnite support for long periods of time.

When we got to the end, League of Legends, currently it’s pretty hard to claim the first prize in twitch again.