Fortnite new information has arrived from the mobile version of battle Royal


Battle Royal Fortnite‘s mobile version will meet with players this summer. Android users finally the Battle Royal Fortnite mobile version. The mobile version of the Battle Royal with the news that was recently announced and information about Fortnite screenshots were also shared.

Fortnite battle Royale is finally coming to Android this summer

New information has arrived from mobile Fortnite battle Royal

In recent months, departing for the mobile platform Battlegrounds Playerunknowns‘s a pretty big success for a long time most downloaded mobile version to mobile platforms as the game literally was shaken. Epic Games‘upcoming Fortnite recently the mobile version of battle Royal in the summer months, announced it will exit. New mobile comes with Fortnite, according to the information in the game screen, the HUD will be able to edit the players want it, the gameplay in Epic Games stating that they are working on yet shaphan, auto-running a system they are working on, it stated that it is easier for me to shoot. Of course, this option can be changed in the settings. With a single touch in the game voice chat is working on the ability to. With this information, what will mobile look like in the screenshots of the game were also shared.

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