Fortnite is jealous of the makers of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead


Battle Royale of the type of leader Fortniteby the success achieved, thanks to continues to make their competitors jealous. This time however the game sees as a firm that managed to make his rival jealous. Rockstar Games‘players dealer the world’s giant game company take – two, made some comments about fortnite. Take – two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick, “you can’t be a leader in this industry by following the steps of others. However, 2K Gamesand Rockstar Games, I didn’t expect to get the sample with fortnite pubg,” her Zelnick, who, apparently, battle Royale is the type of players that cater to the great mass were affected.

Take – two, impressed with the success of fortnite

The innovation of jobs, and this is probably indicating that these words of experienced business men they grow up Red Dead Redemption 2‘S mode is based on battle Royale. Fortnite – style would be more successful in the later stages of games who think Zelnick, let’s be right about this?

In the past years but when we get to the end MOBA the influence of the type of the video game industry, this time the Battle Royale is more of the type of were affected. In the wake of the success of this style at a later stage we can experience in the video games that will be released with makeshift Turan competitive modes.