Fortnite is expected at the end of the Battle Royal added jet packs


Battle Royal Fortnite players for a long time to expect a jet pack in the end. Emerged in the month of February last, but for some reason can not be added to the game Jetpackler for a short time, and a small number added to the game.

Fortnite players to the Battle Royal got a jet pack

Fortnite Battle Royal'a sonunda beklenen Jetpack'ler eklendi

Battle Royal Fortnite, Epic Games is a game that is constantly updated and developed by. Production company Epic Games, made a statement in the past week, new and crazy ideas, and then discuss it among themselves and pretty to add to the game that they enjoyed explained. The game also keeps very much alive and quite fortnite of attention by increasing these updates fortnite one of the reasons why it is loved so much. As of the last day from Epic Games ‘ has announced that it will be added to the game before Jetpackler has also been added to the game. v4.2 jetpackler added to the game with content updates, now for a limited time are valid. In fact, Epic Games was before this limited time content added to the game, the players handles changes to test how works. Limited for now as a term according to feedback from the players jet packs added to the game, we can expect that could become permanent.