Fortnite is breaking record after record!


Digital game sales who tracks SuperData Research, April is the month of mobile, game consoles and PC platforms obtained on 296 million dollars of revenue of the game with shares doubling your income in the month of February. In the month of February $ 126 million income Fortnite, playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) , the game was far outpaced even the first time.

PUBG stroke and numerous parachute a candidate to compete with other players in the game inspired by the concept, Epic Games, PC oriented according to the opponent, came forward with various advantages. The game is free , so F2P . If PUBG sales in the month of February from 103 million dollars had achieved. Once for the game on Steam on 69 £ let me remind you that you must pay a fee. Fortnite cosmetic oriented revenues with in-app purchases via is achieved.

Also it does allow players to spend money on cosmetic pubg their content, although the developer of the game, the Blue Hole we can say that it remained a little heavy on this. In the future the developer plans to add new remote to the game even announced. It was launched in the month of September fortnite.

Fortnite on the other hand, one of the advantages multi-platform accessibility. The game PS4, Xbox One, PC and iOS platforms were replaced by. Even mobile Analytics firm SensorTower iOS just over 1.5 million dollars of revenue estimates that has been achieved.

Fortnite release date has been announced for Android!

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite type battle Royale, prepares to meet with Android devices. Here’s the Android version fortnite release date!

SuperData research, the game is easy to learn and they pointed pointed out with the younger players to be friendly with cartoon style graphics. PUBG harcatma tricks of the game and the resources available that are missing for reasons such as, it is believed. In this sense, it is argued that core to the gameplay and the new content needs to be refreshed.

Fortnite tweet from sites with adult content!

Fornite maintenance, caught the attention of game lovers. Adult content site Pornhub tweeted about Fortnite, the fortnite team what would be the point of telling me to be quick to tweet this?

But, do you think PUBG or Fortnite?

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