Fortnite Epic Games brought back for a limited time 50v50 mode


As you might know already Thanos limited time where you can play as the infinity gauntlet Mashup while attending the event, Epic Games game limited-term 50v50 mode PS4, Xbox One, PC , and iOS and brought back to.

Two limited term mod in the game at the moment

50v50 mode striking with the back of one of the points Fortnite was to be activated simultaneously with two separate mode for the first time within limited time. Normally Epic, limited time only one of the modes adds to the game like another game mode after a while and about a week leaves. Such a move does not always mean that it will continue to play fortnite at the same time it is also obvious that the players gave other reasons for.

Again in the month of April we saw the return to the mode before 50v50 version contains the same content. The bus split in two for two separate players in two different teams that battle on the map to leave the area. The last storm of the circle of power and looting the map shown after a while the Battle begins. Naturally, the items normal battle Royale different from the mode are produced. Mode Normal mode according to the dogma of the spoils in the odds of 50v50 base by 15% is getting higher.

At the same time the infinity gauntlet Mashup activity continues. As it had been stated earlier such events on average in a week of driving,the Epic did not specify a definite end date for this mod. As you know, in this mode the player who gauntlet Infinity, The Avengers movie thanos becomes the bad guy. Superior skills with Thanos took exactly two times in the game to fix, and the other players by killing thanos, infinity gauntlet the chance of hijacking is improved.