Fortnite currently accessible for the new 4.2 update


Battle Royale Fortnite new 4.2 update released to the game. New update brought new weapons and additional content.

Apples raise the bar links that is being included in the game

Thanos’reputation, who had quite a busy week when it was included in the game Fortnite for the new 4.2 update on a slight delay after it is finally released. Among the first details of the new update, the players in the game include the inclusion of weapon desired by the FAMAS. Serial the assault rifle is the last weapon, Epic , and Legendary as rarely falls. This weapon supply in the area as Lotto, treasure chests and you will be able to find the Vending machine. A gun that uses ammo also does damage around 32/33 on the other side of the middle.

Fortnite için yeni 4.2 güncellemesi şu anda erişilebilir

Battle Royale mode added new nutritious apples are distributed in the map. Apples when eaten, losing five lives and around some trees can be obtained.

Save the world with the update adding a new mode comes two. For this mod to quadruple Launcher weapon included in the game are the most popular weapons and traps, while at the same time the advantage of the upgrade and select the sequence that provides the advantage that the editor included in the game.

In the last update includes several bug fixes that affect gameplay.