Fortnite 4. The season will be with the super hero theme


Fortnite will have a super hero theme in the fourth season. Game Fortnite developer Epic Games, Twittersaid in an announcement that the fourth season would be coming soon.

Fortnite 4. Sezon'u süper kahraman temasına sahip olacak

Next season’s battle theme can be a super hero

Battle Royale , which has an important place among the games Fortnite for Epic Games it doesn’t look empty. The announcement is quite simple, although it could point to things we can actually see in the next season. The most noticeable part in the announcement, the poster easily visible on the right side of a superhero is going to take place. This may be related to the next season’s battle theme.

Another interesting part, which is the subject of discussion between the players in the game and seen recently about the comet could be a clue. The poster overall, a meteor in the sky can be compared to progressive. However, this us developer Epic Games’s a joke. Also a superhero flying in the air, too can be likened.

Finally, the fourth season does not exactly have a clear information about fortnite for the future. But in the next period both cinema and it looks like we’ll see plenty of the superhero in the video game world.