Former UFC champion pubg couldn’t believe its not even


The broadcast of the game former athletes or popular names in the world, we are witnessing taking place slowly. Examples of this were often experienced in our country and in other countries. This is one of the publishers Demetrious Johnson .

Was UFC champion game Publisher

Of kotaku according to the news, Demetrius “mighty mouse” Johnson and former UFC champion who has started a game with the name to the broadcasts made by PUBG encountered quite an interesting event during the broadcast. 1 person despite the revelation, the last incoming ring by being strategic to Johnson, here in a way that he can understand 1. . of course, if you are also lost in the first place, in seconds 1. glad to see that.

The interesting part is how 1. to understand that failure. PUBGas you know, the map is closing and the players if they cannot reduce each other until the last moment, the region is completely coated by the fog. As a result, the player who died last in that Game 1. is happening.