For Honor 6. The season update is coming very soon


Improvements and additions that occurred for more than a year hosting in honor of the sixth season is finally coming. Hero’s March update brings many innovations to the game called.

Hero’s March update is coming on May 17

Honor to 17 May, the sixth season of the next update on a new map, a new event and contains important updates for the two heroes, and the property also has a new inventory of on-site will host. Beach head map is a new free game that is named when it is added to the tribute for all of the multiplayer modes except for the vikings, knights and Samurai in the name of the task of the defense of the castle brings. At the same time, Orochi , and the peacekeepers of the game comes in various arrangements. All these, in addition to Ubisoft, the game’s didn’t give yet more information on seasonal activities.

Also one of the developers that adds new events to the game, players on their cosmetic products that is independent from the inventory menu that allows you to see a visual Collection . The new season of innovations and additions to the game that will come with more detailed information about an update, probably in the next few days will be shared.