First came the announcement about the release date of Fallout 76


Bethesda‘s a compelling game in which players Fallout 76‘s will I got the first information about the period. Australian company, EB games, Twitter Fallout via accidentally 76, gave the information that will come in 2019. Afterwards (probably) a warning from EB games, along with Bethesda, and twitter sharing visuals prepared by wiped. Even though each of the semester how much leaked out of the game, Bethesda have not released yet accurate and official information. For this reason, it’s not not to come out of the game in 2019.

76 Fallout when it will be released?

Fallout 76'nın çıkış tarihi hakkındaki ilk açıklama geldi

But still 76 Fallout is a very new game, since it would be like to go this year, waiting for you to dream a little. The fair would give the first information about the game at E3 2018, explaining that Bethesda’s output is expected to share important information about the period of the game. Of rage 2 2019 will come in after you have confirmed that Bethesda province next year, I can say that the game would keep the players Blitz.

The fair, which was the second company to take the stage at the Bethesda conference, June 10, will take place on. Finally, some sectors 76 describes it as a Fallout game battle Royale