Finally after five years consoles period begins 120 Hz


Console generation eighth generation with Full HD consoles last acting completely in the technical sense there was a new development. As of today, Microsoft developers on the Xbox One‘S now 120 Hz has said it will support. The Xbox One X after this news updates on the hardware side with the developers who produced for the console players will be used to monitor. Sony by Pro PlayStation 4 will bring this feature soon, it is said that in conjunction with. Consoles may have a feature but how to 120 Hz screen refresh, even though most console games are 30 fps in standard works. So, a large part of the responsibility is in the hands of the game developers.

120 Hz offers the possibility to play the consoles now

Xbox One wing of the construction, which is 120 Hz refresh rate will reach if it is not yet clear. However, compared to this, Microsoft has been slowly the ninth-generation console we can say that the foundations for it beats. The next Xbox will be the model of how we don’t know. However, Microsoft, have suffered in the eighth generation, Sony will probably compensate the defeat in the ninth generation. High performance work on the side let’s the games, which are game developers?