Final Fantasy XV Windows access Edition Mod Organizer opened


Developer Square Enix by Final Fantasy and players of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV Mod Organizer access finally officially opened.

Final Fantasy XV Edition published Mod Organizer Windows

Mod Organizer Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV, players of Final Fantasy XV will allow you to add new weapons and clothes as well as modify already existing models. Thus, the mod makers will be able to create new experiences in the world of Final Fantasy XV. The main function of the editor, Mod, data from the model and generate the Steam Workshop’what will install. 3D editing function creating assets like models, unfortunately does not have.

However, developer Square Enix, which will release a level editor that will allow you to support the scenario at a later date, and thus Final Fantasy XV game will include More options for mod makers. Meanwhile, those who want to download the game mode we should note that the final version will have. A short while ago, Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV PC version for the game version 1.24 released and this update will upgrade your update to 2.1 GB.