FIFA 18 to FIFA World Cup opened for update access from


EA SPORTS before Ronaldo’S Video as promised in his announcement , the FIFA 18 , from game Free World Cup update released today.

Opened to download the update today World Cup

The much anticipated football fans from all Russiawhich will take place in the World Cup only a few days, FIFA 18 from the Free World Cup update today opened access. 18 players, FIFA, Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup with 32 national teams from the group stage by selecting proven update any of this authentic tournament structure a chance to play the finals will be held in Moscow he sailed.

This update also special FIFA World Cup the tournament also incorporates. The players are Italy, Chile, the USA, the Netherlands, 18 national teams and FIFA licensed teams such as real goodbye to the tournament within your own realize their dreams by organizing and selecting any one of the FIFA World Cup tournament will be able to.

Finally, the 18 FIFA World Cup, which will allow players to feel more deeply the atmosphere of the update today the origin platform, approximately 4 GBin size with free access opened.