Female soldiers will be removed from the game Battlefield 5?


The output of the trailer released last week, then Battlefield 5 news continues to increase exponentially. Trailer after the female character in the game drew the reaction of the players. Even on this topic note mybattlefield started a campaign with the name. You can browse through our article link on the subject.


It’s not going away never Battlefield female fighters

Published on Battlefield 5, After the introductory Video, a female character in the game, is not the historical aspect, and EA has been criticized on the grounds that it discriminated quite positive. 2. in World War I female soldiers have so much that wasn’t in it. Criticized by a woman called soldiers definitely will not be removed from the game, Dice clearly stated by the boss. Female fighters has shared a tweet on Twitter through all the criticisms of standing behind and “let me get this straight female warriors isn’t going anywhere,”he said. DICE from Gabrielsson Oskar went on to say: “we want everyone to live by the greatest drama in history with Battlefield 5. For this reason, we’re pushing everyone to choose and personalize their own character.” In spite of all the criticism from DICE, this choice seems to stand behind.