Farming Simulator 17 Game Guide


farming-simulator-17-game-guideFarming Simulator 17 game guide contains the most important pieces of information about the game. You will find step by step instruction on how to deal with tillage and inbreeding, basic information on vehicles, modification and exploitation. Furthermore, all the available cultivars and means of fertilization were described. Some tips on forestry were also provided. For those, who want to quickly start the gameplay, we prepared some crucial strategies for both available locations: Sosnovka and Goldcrest Valley. Apart from that, we provided some hints concerning investments, and the final part of the guide is devoted to control settings and available achievements.

Farming Simulator 17 is a continuation of a game that is still considered the best farming simulator. The engine focuses on details such as changes of the weather or prices, many certified vehicles, and 10 types of cultivars and farm animals. Players interested in forestry won’t be disappointed as well. This version will be available on new generation consoles.

Farming Simulator 17 game guide contains:

  • Detailed instructions for beginners,
  • Examples of strategies to start the game successfully,
  • Tips on cultivars and farm animals ,
  • Description of available vehicles and their modification and exploitation,
  • Hints on available plants and methods of fertilization,
  • Information on investments and forestry,
  • List of achievements and controls.

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