Far Cry 5: DLC trailer released output hours of darkness


Far Cry 5‘S hours of darkness expansion released a trailer package the output. We’re going back to the jungles of Vietnam with the darkness of hours.

Far Cry 5: from the darkness came the hours of output video

Hours of darkness with the Vietnam enemy in the jungles of the hunt begins. Wendell “Red” that we can control the game to redler during the Vietnam War will pass. Wendell captured in the jungles of Vietnam to find their comrades and save them red to work. Privacy items in the game that will be in the forefront of medical will depend on the choice of the player to wreak. Far Cry 5: hours of darkness especially with the capabilities found in Far Cry 5 in the expansion of new capabilities new capabilities are added for privacy will take place. June 5, departing Far Cry as of 5: hours of darkness was also released a trailer for the output. In addition, Ubisoft , the makers of the game, which included a live broadcast event organized. Far cry for about half an hour event 5: hours of darkness played. Shared trailers and videos of gameplay footage below you can browse the output.