Famous youtube Logan Paul, is coming to Turkey, but why?


In the world with the most followers Youtube‘s while this is one of the most controversial, which is also one of the names Logan Paul‘s Turkey, it was announced that would be coming to. Japan Vlog video, which has become the focal point of the debate, especially after Paul Logan, will come to our country in the month of October.

Logan Paul, comes to Turkey

Youtube followers as of the moment who has 17.466.505 Logan Paul‘s high school sports‘what the future explained. Logan Paul, of Galatasaray high school Youth Education and Development Organization (Gego) will come to our country at the invitation of the club. So famous Youtuber came to our country and to sign an interview here. Vlog videos will probably attract about our country during this visit, and I could imagine that I would post these videos on social media accounts.

Hopefully it’s not like Japan’s visit to Turkey. If you remember, in the month of January last famous on YouTube, famous suicide forest in Japan known as a person who hung himself in the woods and he had a video added to the videos. Then, from the result of the reaction channel deleted the video, but as a result of this survived in the face of criticism. Our country is currently in the process of recovery videos that will draw the famous youtuber which, frankly, we started to wonder. This will draw a much wider audience that it will be important for us to have the impact of also videos.