Famous TotalBiscuit on YouTube, unfortunately lost his life!


In the internet environment for many years broadcast, but in the past months cancer Dec broadcasts, explaining that due to TotalBiscuit‘lost their lives in Korea. Unable to withstand the struggle with cancer, John Bain‘s followers July 8, 1984 – May 24, 2018 pic.twitter.com/XchUMNDYXC

— TotalBiscuit. (@Totalbiscuit) On May 24, 2018

World Of Warcraft and Starcraft games, thanks to the Publisher, if in any way said you weren’t coming back unless a miracle happens. Since then the situation even worse, apparently the disease is more advanced. I saw my life at the age of 33 total Yuma biscuits, owes his entire career to YouTube. In time Blizzard was all that remained from the Publisher working in conjunction with the YouTube videos.

Finally, TotalBiscuit , John bain, it is not clear whether the channel will continue after someone else constantly. Rumor has it that John bain’s close friends may provide the execution of the channel (currently new videos continue to come), although we should note that this is not guaranteed.