Fallout was officially announced and the wait is over 76!


Bethesda dropped the bomb, and moments ago 76 Falloutthe formal announcement was made. Publication here last night, starting a twitch and a surprise Fallout‘vault boy s figure and the famous “please stand by” message that shows the company as expected, the new Fallout games made an announcement.

76 Fallout announced

Each new Fallout announcement as it is on the screen “please wait” message with the new opening of the game in the first video Vault‘s details we see. As the name implies, the game Vault 76and routing of start at and build from there on that character will have a chance. As of date, the game probably will be in the year 2102. On October 27, 2102 at the beginning of the video we see the history of the radio. With the game platform or the details of a story, unfortunately, is currently not included. Probably PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms on this game, we’ll see.

The game is located in Austin, Bethesda‘s Main Office is also where is developed by. In 2012, the Austin office finally Battlecry a game called signed. In the meantime, the trailer that plays “take me home, country roads” is a song I love for the trailer, I must say that I love naturally. Of course the actual details at E3 2018 we will be at the fair.