Fallout: new California finally became clear the date


Fallout: New Vegas fan group, the maker of the mod, in past periods, Fallout: new California by the name of a mod and they told me that they started to work on. The expected news came from the team that develops the corresponding mode. According to the information described in the new, Fallout: new California, will be presented to the players in the month of October of this year. Fallout: New Vegas pre-main mode on the side that I think about it a long scenario will take place. Vault 18will begin in the trip, which will move in the uncanny land of California.

We have a date that would come out of the mode Fallout new California

Mod of 16,000 units , stating that the Developer Team dialogue, side missions with the main scenario that decorate the sweetness around stressed. Extra standards that will operate at 60 fps mode, that will contain it is curious how the gameplay mechanics. Hopefully the developers stating that they are currently working on the side quests in Bethesdafrom a reprimand doesn’t. The specified mode will be published free of charge, for the full five years are being developed.

Let’s say a five year what will be the reward of labor? Probably get a warning if Bethesda came out in the predicted fashion to be supported by Steam you can get it through. In the month of June which will enter into the beta process which is related to the mod you can watch the video below.