F1 Codemasters racing game has been announced as the release date of 2018


Codemasters‘popular racing game F1 the release date of 2018 has been announced. Official Formula 1 racing game F1 2018, 24 August on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be, I predict.

F1 announced the release date of 2018

For racing game enthusiasts , which is one of the indispensable games of the series the new game F1 F1 in 2018, I predict will be on August 24 with new content. The game is one of the most important stages of Formula 1, the Belgian Grand Prixwill be released in the same week. This year’s production company Codemasters F1 in 2018, the players are fairly deep career mode says it is waiting for. Forum 1 The official game of F1 in 2018, the entire contents again, in a way that vehicles and drivers are licensed in the game will take place. Especially in the career mode F1 the games most of the players who follow big expectations, and the management of the details with more detailed character creation screen was more detailed. From the team of producer Paul jeal to according completely the players F1 2018 by focusing on feedback was developed. Details and quite like our followers by saying that the innovations of the new game, especially expectations about the career mode is fairly raised.