Ezhel rap artist famous for the imprisonment became apparent desired


Recently detained for the crime of publicly encouraging drug use Ipekcioglu Ömer Sercan (Ezhel) desired for the punishment was certain. Carrying out the investigation the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Anatolia was prepared by the indictment Ezhel‘s 10-year jail prompted said. The facilitation of the use of drugs or stimulants for the crime of 5 years to 10 years expected to be prosecuted with imprisonment Ezhel‘s lawyer, have yet to comment. However, it is certain that this decision will be appealed.

Singer finally became apparent for desired Ezhel imprisonment

Put the type of music “the Anatolian urban core/hip-hop/Reggae-Dub/Trap” describes herself as a singer Ezhel‘s “my town” the taste of the song on the Internet with over 31 million people listened. Fans of great success in a short time successful artist, Ezhel responsive to a request for a 10-year prison. Previously released with the requirement of judicial control of the status of being detained again when fully ezhel to focus on is not certain.

Anatolian 44. The singer, who will be tried by the court trial will begin in the coming days. Let’s see if the judge will bring clarity to the situation where ezhel? We expect in wonder.

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