Ezhel arrested the singer in hundreds of thousands of subscribers


His first album, 2017 May in the month of on the market for many years, but singers interested in rap music Ezhel, was arrested in the evening we left behind. Real name Sercan Ömer Ipekcioglu , the artist, according to the foregoing, was detained on Drugs due to to encourage people. Istanbul narcotics crime branch teams arrested by Ezhel, and for that reason had been detained earlier. But the parole left with the singer, was arrested for the same crime again. Sercan Ipekcioglu queried regarding the accusation about safety were referred to court later. Duty ezhel then sent to the court, “encourage and facilitate drug use” was sent to prison and arrested on charges of.

Ezhel arrested the singer

His type of music “the Anatolian urban core/hip-hop/Reggae-Dub/Trap” ezhel of a singer she describes as “my town”the taste of the song on the Internet with over 31 million people listened. Fans of the successful artist great success in a short time after this news I was surprised. Currently it was known that this would happen to an artist. Ezhel but we didn’t expect to be sent directly to prison. Finally, his connection with drugs and young people, encouragement, let me point out that we didn’t correct.