Experienced developers, Sony took the decision to return under the umbrella


In time, uncharted 3, Uncharted 4 and the last of us who took part in the project, Quantic Cobb, for some reason it doesn’t explain in past periods had left the studio. The video game world fairly experienced developer, Cobb, as of today, naughty Dog, Sony announced that it was back to so. Senior game designer returning to the studio by taking the title of Cobb, is excited to explain what that game is all about working on the project said.

A former naughty Dog developer, returned to the company

Today was my first day as a Sr. game designer for Sony today. I can’t wait to talk about the project I’m working on and what the future holds. It’s good to be back! pic.twitter.com/QNl4DMrrOM

— Quentin Cobb (@Trainclub) 30 May 2018

Naughty Dog‘s the biggest reason for such an experienced developer to call back, can be shown to be to start a new project. To the firm ongoing currently under development in the games when there’s such a shortage of senior Game Designer in the title of including staff from the bottom of a see what you get?

Currently the last of US 2 continues to work on the company, which is probably nearing the end of the PlayStation 4, also an eminent players in the game to say hello again. New the last of us E3 2018 is to be shown at the fair before, managed to get the players excited.