Expected Gran Turismo sport released update 1.18


The PlayStation 4and is exclusive to the Gran Turismo Sport‘s expected the big update is finally released. PS4 Gran Turismo sport, which is one of the rare racing games that users have beautiful pleases players with updates like this. As you may recall, the Team Developer polyphony digital, the game after taking it, they said they’d bring new features constantly. Thus, we can say that the developers kept his promise.

The sport is released the new update of Gran Turismo

The details of the update,as

1. The New Cars
The following cars have been added:

2. Tracks

– “The trail of the dragon” have been added to the track layout for the following 2:
·Dragon Trail Road
·Dragon Trail gardens II

3. Scapes

– Special featured section “the Hawaiian Islands” was added.

4. Brand Central

– BMW added the extra points scapes.

5. Sport Mode

– ‘Star’ of the existing drive system with the introduction of the degree (SUD) ‘S’ no longer ‘A+’ was changed from.
– Cleaned up during a race which is not yet subjected to the punishment that players who are no longer a PSN online ID is displayed under the ‘PUNISHMENT’ they will see the tag.

6. Race

– Blue flags are added. (Blue flags, and the vehicles in front of approaching vehicles for cars with a slower speed type 1 is shown.)

7. Control Device

– Fanatec® Elite CSL Racing Wheel (PS4) is weakened while the center of rotation feature in the menus.

Other improvements and adjustments

– Brand Central at relevant points when taking pictures with brands now, both the gallery and out of the garage (that’s the brand’s limited to Cars) Car you can choose;
– “My library”when viewing those pictures and now pictures of both scapes and racing ? able to view the details of the Photo format button;
– The ‘arcade’ mode, when you rotate the steering wheel to the left and to the right, the cursor will not move. (To move the cursor, use the directional buttons please);
– Various other bug fixes.