Exciting discovery on Mars! Organic molecules found


Mars roving every inch of their land, the American Space Agency NASA‘s exploration robot, Curiosty (Wonder) that excites the world of Science news came. Curiosityon Mars located in Gale kraterin samples from organic substances had traces of. And this discovery what is the meaning of.

Organic molecules found on Mars!

The red planet on the surface of the expedition, continuing NASA’s exploration robot Curiosity, approximately 5.5 years. Reviews in Gale crater. Inconclusive reviews, there is nothing left, and curiosity on the surface of Mars organic molecules into bump. Actually, this is not the first discovery of organic molecules on the surface of Mars before it was found, however, that new molecules are included in a more advanced structure.

According to researchers, these organic substances; Once Upon a time on Mars, a kind of life may prove. Curiosity’s Martian atmosphere the Martian atmosphere as a result of intense analysis at the rate of methane gas was found. 95 percent of the methane in the world of living organisms , are produced. Explosions in a pile of garbage and the cows out of the gases, produces the majority of the world’s methane. Currently cruosity Mars cow that’s assuming there’s this intense streams of methane that can be produced by organic molecules in the Martian thought. However, the information available to reach a definitive conclusion whether there is life on Mars in the direction of still it’s not enough. 2020will be held in the new Mars mission answers these questions and more will be found that it is assumed that.