Eternal DOOM announced! Here’s the first trailer!


2016 that captures the huge success of the new DOOM, with a little promotional trailer Bethesda was a guest at the conference. The trailer is quite mysterious as we prepare also new gameplay for now, no clue on the side were not given.

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced at the end of it!

After the incredible success of Skyrim, we’ve been waiting for this moment for years. E3 2018 long-awaited “o” the announcement took place, and new ring of the series The Elder Scrolls, TES 6 is announced.

The occurrence was located in the most interesting part of the images of the new game. The world which this time will be spent in DOOM, this aspect was incredibly excited.

ID software developed the game’s release date and gameplay details are a secret for now, even though we don’t have to wait a lot for the new information. Which will be held in the month of August QuakeCon we will have made during the detailed information about.

Published for the new doom, this short trailer you can watch below now.

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