Et al: Survival Evolved the mobile version will be released next week


Last March announced in the month of et al: Survival Evolved‘s mobile version next week, June 14, on iOS and Android devices will output.

Et al: Survival evolved on June 14 will exit the mobile version

Steam’s early access on PC as an output as of the first week most played games in popularity can increase quite quickly over time between console platform also departing, et al: Survival mobile version evolved it was announced in the month of March last. Et al: Survival release date as the summer months have shown the mobile version of evolved, but no clear date information was not shared. however, Developer Studio war drum Studios, et al: Survival evolved the mobile version of June 14 he said he would do on the output. Together with the output of the game,the Island map, the map will take place in the mobile version. More than 80 air, land and sea creatures that will include a mobile version. in the same way in the main game, items, weapons, clothes, base generation system will be found in the mobile version. Et al: Survival Evolved the multiplayer mode will feature a single player mode as well as in the mobile version.