eSpor, is a sport?


eSpor was proposed the concept of Since the same question was always in my head: “is called espor in the event that really a sport?”. That aren’t easy to answer. Even I can hear a million bad words out of the mouth of many people. But first calm down and let’s think about it together.

eSpor, is a sport?

First, the word “sport” to go on. What is it where did it come from? Sports, the dictionary meaning of “certain rules and techniques is made in accordance with the physical development of useful, have fun and aim to compete in all of the body gestures of the common name.” is defined as. In fact, the essence of the issue, which it occupied in my head is getting out of here. According to the definition, there are certain rules of encounter eSpor. Recreation and competition. However, the essence of which is beneficial to the physical development part is forcing me to work. If bodily development considering a development as not necessarily experiencing our fingers. Here “mental development is part of saying,” I can almost hear. However, mental and physical development are two different concepts. Of course you shouldn’t do espor definition: “Professional encounter could be described as competitive between players.

eSpor, spor mudur?

In my mind, denim sports, hunting, shooting, Horse riding, sailing, Athletics, basketball, football, wrestling, skiing, tennis, volleyball games, such as all of the light that comes with fits the description. Since we have been taught with the concept of sports matches. On the other hand, electronic games doesn’t fit in. The sport is performed there must be a physical development. However, vice versa espor supports. The type of entertainment that directs players to inactivity.

On the other hand, the establishment of the league eSpor of the activity that is performed in an electronic environment is a factor that strengthens the definition of sport. ESpor also called “competitive” too much attention is being given to the word. This sport is a factor to consider. On the other hand, the gaming house whether you are coaching sports teams, espor be taken the way of modeling, is one of the steps it has taken for them to be known as a sport. During the activities, the presence of the narrator and the referees, the audience to form large masses of them an extensive tournament.

At the end of the day still to face the players with their team Jersey, the concept of eSpor is a marketing technique I think. Esporcu various countries described as the Athlete, or even sports in the Olympics, pass the word for the opening of the branch in the name of eSpor, in my eyes, does not show as a sports event. In order to achieve this -at least at this stage – indicate the route to be taken yet. eSpor used for the construction of physical activities to contain him a little more would bring it closer to sport in my eyes will ensure that. In short, in my opinion, it meets your own definition for Word the exact definition of the word, even in sports eSpor yet does not cover. For that to happen I believe that a little more to the process and the system should evolve.