Epic Games was the launch in Turkey bearing the signature of fortnite


Epic Games’extremely popular in our country and around the world with 45 million players more than a game Fortnite, the game made its official entry to Turkey with a press conference for the big kids. Epic Games Director of emerging markets Free Özalp, Turkish language support presented to the fans of the game in Turkey the Turkish Lira and the Turkish player support services such as making purchases with gave information to the press.

Fortnite Turkey, was launched

Colorful graphics, fun gameplay in a very short time reached more than 45 million gamers with Fortnite, especially the Battle Royale mode in Turkey with one of the most played games of the gamers. Unrequited interest of our country who left Epic Gamesin recent months, the game has Turkish language support added, all menus and content in the game, and it translated into Turkish.

Speaking during a meeting with the media attention, Epic Games Director of emerging markets Free Özalp, last week, the Turkish Lira offering their players the possibility of making purchases with Fortnite’s, from now on, announced he will support the Turkish player. Fortnite’s Turkey officially with the advent in our country, aiming to gradually increase the activities underlining, Özalp, Internet cafes, events, as well as marketing studies and the gaming sector in Turkey through various activities that give the support to add mobility to signaled.

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