Encountered in the first movie, The Iron Man costume could be stolen


Robert Downey Jr.’s first Iron Man Mark III suit that you wore in the movie that the original was missing reported it. Marvelsuperhero Iron Man in 2008 with the film critics first took note in the ten years to continue expanding and redefining full movies Marvel cinematic universe,‘the foundations of it. In this movie Robert Downey Jr. with the disappearance of the costume worn by himself the Los Angeles Police Department initiated the investigation.

The Mark III suit was lost, the police are investigating the matter

Throughout the series, Tony and Mark I original mark XLIV, model “Hulkbuster” – including Iron Man has created several versions of the team – but most was located in the first view the funny movie no doubt about it: Mark III. Unfortunately, this is where the clothing is stored in Pacoima, California film was reported to be missing from the storage facility.

U.S. spokeswoman, Rosario Herrera, per currently being investigated for theft and that it was missing a bunch of other stuff added. Apparently, 320.000 $ in question is a lack in the warehouse, all in the month of February at the costume last census was, but now the team head, chest, legs and arms are missing. The alleged robbery, after a routine check, have been reported to the police by the property owners. Currently don’t have any clue what investigation and other deficiencies that were reported.