Employee of the Month this time was Kratos in the video game world


PlayStation 4 owners of the game could not finish the last God of war game, still continues to sell like crazy. Sony‘s and developer Santa Monica‘s God of war coffers filled with money this month, was named game of the month. PlayStation’s official blog site with the dropdown open on the first difference of the return of poll Dec God of war looks great. In the month of April 6 Yakuza: song of life, Owlboy, Minit, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rockabilly and the swords of Ditto in the face of this overwhelming superiority of competing with God of war, Sony was delighted. Already contributing in the development of new games that Sonyprobably will open the nose for it.

God of war was game of the month

But some players Yakuza 6: The song in the life of‘the game of the month, he wanted to be. Chose Sony’s competing games. Games once selected, users can put their votes are being used, and the next month, the favorite game of the past month. On the other hand, correspond to players who want to get discounts of the first games Sony have yet to comment. But towards the end of the year God of war‘s we can guess that definitely would be on sale.