Elite: Dangerous pilot, spent a month to see what


Playing some video games to kill time, and some compete with others, and to have some fun plays. A player who is extremely devoted but himself, a month , Elite Dangerous, trying to draw the logo of the game is spent.

The width of the logs exactly light years 36,400

As we have mentioned, who spends a month in Malibu, Commander the player-named, just to do the logo for specific points in advance and went to about 6500 times the space jump, he said. The logo is exactly the journey of completing EUR 375.000 light years it took. Malibu according Commander the Milky Way galaxy, on a specific X and Z coordinates, bearing, was able to draw the logo. The ship broke down in a while and despite this, and some auxiliary ships deviated from the route found in a repair request.

About three years this game has been played, indicating Malibu, has gained experience almost everything the game had to offer. Malibu is a different activity to do so in the pursuit of the mind that resides in the strange idea finally realized. This is a monthly process, and the labor Elite: Dangerous on the forums, has managed to draw people’s attention in a very short time. Malibu, do not forget to show a video of the stage in the booting logo.