Electronic Arts, May 23, Battlefield 5?


Electronic Artspreviously, rumors emerged that new Battlefield game looks like gears for increased.

Electronic Arts, the game is going to announce Battlefield 5?

Recently Electronic Arts side of things quite dynamic. Recently video appeared on the official website of the game developers in a hidden counter, hidden counter and this May of 23,new Battlefield game, that would point to stated. However, the source code of the website, probably does not contain anything else except counter which is set to expire at a later date. Also a new Battlefield motto the motto of the games also captured ‘ on the battlefield will never be the same ’ that is designated as it seems.

Of course, this does not appear to make much sense although Battlefield 1 for the extra content could be the surprise. But as we have said, this doesn’t seem possible. Among other claims, the new Battlefield games 2. World War II was the issue, which will focus on the theme. This issue remains unclear for now. Finally, all information as far as the new game Battlefield V it will carry the title, and the single-player mode is expected to include.

Let’s say in the next process, what kind of developments there will be, and EA to us at E3at what kind of surprises will make.