Edition of the classic Super NES 5.28 million copies sold worldwide!


Nintendo’s console, legendary Edition the classic Super NESrecent financial statement of March, according to 5.28 million sales worldwide by the end of the month managed to overcome the threshold. The super NES classic edition of four million sales in the month of January was reported as specified. Apparently the super NES classic Edition from the month of January has managed to achieve sales of more than 1.28 million.

Nintendo’s retro gaming consoles was quite successful

As you know, nowadays, every PlayStation and Xbox consoles have taken over in popularity, even though, like, 20 years ago or those who want to catch up on old times game used retro consoles and games for those wondering, the manufacturer of the retro gaming consoles re-launching. The switch was quite successful in sales, which Nintendothe same success retro game consoles continues. Newly issued consoles, the original console that was removed many years ago and while it has the same appearance with today’s technology, in accordance with an HDMI cable, support and USB Charger Adapter incorporates.

In Europe Nintendo classic mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (known as plug-and-play adopting the system console, at the end of September 2017 October 2017 in North America and Europe in the beginning of was released in Japan.