EA Games ‘ new game will be released at the end of the year Anthem


BioWare‘s development good news to the waiting anthem which is suited to players of EAcame from: according to the game company’s calendar of 2019 will be released around the month of March. Anthem, although it is a game with a story, players are able to navigate in the vast open world at the same time and interacting with others online in a way they will be able to play the game.

You can get it on the shelves in the month of March next Anthem

Anthem was actually first announced in 2018 for the release date, but BioWare is the perfect game because of the pressure on them to postpone the release date they had to eject. Mass Effect: Andromeda game like a failure if it happens again, EA probably shut down the studio it’s like to be on the game is causing you to scrutinize.

Anthem, the developer will be one of the most ambitious titles to date, BioWare promised that the game would be different from anything the players have played already, but still it will have the same mechanics that makes you feel coming from BioWare. The company is focusing on storytelling games multi-player games has made a name for himself by making a perfect way to integrate. First game of the series will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which will become.