EA Games, gambling was seen as responded Lotto boxes


2017 has been since the summer of’ loot box‘can be seen as a gambling discussion in the past days ended. In some European countries, see it as gambling, lottery boxes, although the major game developers have reacted to this situation. The first response came from the wing of EA Games familiar to all of us. Organized financial conference, company CEO Andrew Wilson, FIFAin ultimate team mode that is not offered to players gambling Lotto box argued.

EA Games, the Lotto gambling being seen as responsive to Box

Future plans stating that they do the players thinking Wilson, this trading system emphasize that in an illegal situation. Currently it’s not clear what the result will still happen. But such an explanation may be an indication that you take seriously the situation of EA Games. Probably will go in the box LOOX minimal changes in companies in the later stages. For those who don’t know, Blizzard, Overwatch‘s Chinese box in which the goods obtained at a rate of percent on the servers LOOX which I had put into the game that could be a custom plugin. Maybe this style add-ons, to Europe and America can come, too.