EA announces NBA live basketball game 19 release date


E3 2018from new information continues to come. ongoing at the moment the EA play event came more news from. EA SPORTS basketball game NBA live 19, September 7, gamers will meet with.

EA Games NBA live basketball game it became clear when it will be released at 19th

And build your squad be the one for global dominance. #NBALIVE19 #Explay pic.twitter.com/mw9IWTxGdY

— Live EA SPORTS NBA (@NBA EA SPORTS) 9 June 2018

NBA live series NBA review, especially as a result of the market had fallen almost to 2K Domina. Made in recent years with games NBA 2K series, NBA live series, remaining behind did not give up. Departing from last year’s NBA live series, dynamics oynanin earlier with putting on a little more disappointing games in the sense of gameplay in NBA live is a good game I can say that. But in order to compete with the NBA 2K series to be improved it was a game that lacked many. NBA live NBA live NBA game but promising for the future then new from 18 to 19 was announced. NBA live 19, on 7 September , I predict that there will be. Let 2K’s upcoming NBA live, which has become a monopoly will no longer be able to compete with.