Don’t miss this event if you love to privacy in pubg


One of the PC’s most popular games into Battlegrounds playerunknown’s yen a time limit of the event announced. Ghillie Crossing named players they are expected to use this event with melee weapons and Crossbow more privacy. Activity will last until the 27th of the month of May announced that Ghillie Crossing

Battlegrounds added a new crossbow to playerunknown’s

Game Battlegrounds battle Royal’s beloved playerunknown who like more privacy, and closer to the enemy to shoot at close range, which is designed for players who like to sneak a new crossbow added. New Battlegrounds with more of the players are expected to care about privacy playerunknown ghillie’s crossing event. Ghillie Grossing out of the game and all the weapons and tools in the event the crossbow and melee weapons are coming in their place. In the same way redzone are also maintenance packages and will be disabled in this event. the safe zone will always appear near the middle of the map first. With the effectiveness of ghil grossing only Orange in the map will be played in sunny weather and always will be. Just input event will end on next Sunday that can be done as a team.