Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze DK introduced in the family


Nintendo Wii U console popular Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the requests and the insistence of the players, thanks to Nintendo, the switch is adapted to the console. In this new version the graphics and gameplay is expected to be kalitelestirilm also get a tick. At the same time, switch the version in the new “Funky Mode” to the world of gaming with new players thrown to my kind of “Welcome.” to say is expected.

Here, Donkey Kong and funky Kong!

Nintendo has published their new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Donkey Kong introduced to his family. Of course, had the first character in the Donkey Kong‘s itself. The leader of the family, Donkey Kong, Super Nintendo Entertainment System players in Donkey Kong Countryand old times and combine with new technology in a very easy way to click hatirlattiraca. The new member of the family, Funky Kong will bring convenience and enjoyable to the younger players to the game yasattiraca moments. You can watch the trailer below from Nintendo’s ever released.