Do you want to watch Deadpool 2 before anyone else?


Merlin Cinema which will be released in May 2018 as our followers full 6 18 2 deadpool invite you to a special screening of the movie. We choose our people they will take with them in the competition with a friend, 3 followers 2 Deadpool will have a chance to see the film before anyone else.

Follow Deadpool 2 before anyone else

What you need to do to participate in the contest is quite simple. Merlin Cinema Facebook page here like and share publicly via your own profile page where you can find posts from. This special screening will take place in Istanbul on the evening of 16 May. the winner will be announced week of our followers and their tickets will be sent. Good luck to everyone!

Deadpool 2'yi herkesten önce izlemek ister misiniz?

About Deadpool 2

Box-office breaking records after the Ryan Reynolds “Deadpool” is back and this time more than ever as pain.

Deadpool, heroically continuing their work, in everyday life it also rings. Who’s in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Vanessa deadpool order is shaken by the emergence of cable from the future! On the trail of a child in the future that pose a threat cable and Deadpool, she decides to gather a team in order to stop cable with super powers. This is contrary to the characters of the X-force team, it will be an adventure with deadpool.