Do you want to go to Miami Beach when playing Fallout 4?


A Fallout 4 Mode Fallout Miami‘s the team behind a new promotional trailer and screenshots released for the mod. Miami Fallout, as can be expected from its name Fallout 4‘U Miami will transport you to the shores of new tasks and challenges with an initiative that aims to provide an entirely new gaming experience to players that use mode.

We’re taking down to the beach ready for the summer by way of the total Fallout

The map makers mod will be exactly the same as quoted in the Miami location, while the new spaces were added and a few unique modifications with an air of the original gained. Mod is divided in multiple parts and each of these sections of the city with its own unique features, players the gaming experience is designed to deliver.

The names of this section are as follows; Meridian, Atlantic, Maimon, Sheridan, Downtown, Flamingo. Mode of the game, which was released the first trailer fallout from the atmosphere as we know seems to have moved to the coast of Miami. From the trailer below you can browse;