Digital removed from the store Call of Juarez is back


March towards the end of the month, the PlayStation Store, the Xbox games store and Steamis removed at a time from sale of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger has returned to steam. Both, along with a 33 percent discount. The game is currently on steam with a 33 percent discount 40,67 tl’to eat are sold.

Ubisoft bought the rights of the game from Techland

Techland developed by Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, 2013 in checked out many instances of non-Wild West theme by bringing a breath of fresh air, the players were received. The game’s developer, Techland, the game’s broadcast rights to Ubisoftby reporting that they received from Ubisoft to say thank you to did not neglect. Techland’s manager Guy Lason statement as “call of Juarez series, player great respect and support received by communities. Publishing techland, Call of Juarez we are pleased to bring our Publishing Department by saying,” the broadcast declared that they received the rights to call of Juarez series.

Finally in 2015, Techland, dying light game developed by. Let’s see, Techland is slowly becoming popular these days the Wild West theme, Wild West will make a comeback.