DICE, Battlefield took the decision to remove support found for 1


Last year of the First World War with the theme concept and the Battlefield 1, Battlefield to the players in a manner similar to previous experience was available. With 1 online game mode in Battlefield for single player mode at the same time a content package and a few single-player story packs were removed. The owner of the series, DICE and published a statement with the nearest Battlefield in time to support found for 1 will be removed, he said.

Of course, servers and other online content will continue to

DICEpointed with this situation, he wasn’t coming any update to the game actually being said or corrected. Construction for the content, such as games and online will continue as predicted. Of the current year until the end of the month of June which will continue the support to be added to latest Game Updates, corrections and errors that will be used to offset part of the agreement. After June Dice, likelywill start working on new projects. In these circumstances, it will work against other games, and as the days passed, the support will be eliminated.

At the end of June when players are still recognized. The dice that can communicate with the players about the game until the specified time and will be able to ask for support.